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Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I currently live in Toronto. My family originated from Xinhui/Sàn Wúi (新會) and Kaiping/Hoi Ping (開平), in the region of Sì Yì/Sze Yup (四邑) of Guangdong/Kwangtung/Canton Province, China, but has a long history of family members who were overseas Chinese.

I am involved in many international issue-related/political activities, such as participating in Model UNs, as well as political discussion groups.

I speak French, English, and Cantonese fluently, and at my own pace, and at leasure, I am attempting to learn Romanian.

My political views

As you can tell from the heading of my website, I am a tory. Well what is a tory? Basically, it is a person who is a conservative. Conservatism can be defined using four points that summarizes Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) (which is considered the “Bible of Conservatism“):

  • Role of tradition
  • Organic nature of society
  • Gradual change
  • Society cannot be radically altered

As I those four points is the base of my political views, one can only conclude that I am a supporter of the Ontario PC Party and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Another point that forms the base of my political views and beliefs is national unity, and to some extent, (multi)nationalism. This helps me define my positions on issues such as “Québec and the Canadian Federation” and “One China”.

As that is the case, in Québec politics, I am a supporter of the Parti Libéral du Québec. The reasons why I support the PLQ is because leader of the PLQ is Jean Charest, current premier of Québec and former leader of the now defunct Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, is essentially a tory at heart, as well as the fact that the Action Démocratique du Québec is too inexperience to govern, and although quite Conservative in policy, they have been known to lean towards more autonomy/sovereignty for Québec, far too right-wing for Québec’s current and extremely well integrated social, political, and economic structure. Another reason is because the PLQ has almost, almost no connection or affiliation with the federal Liberal Party of Canada.

In Chinese politics, my party of choice would be the new and reformed Kuomintang of China (中國國民黨), also known as the Chinese Nationalist Party, under the leadership of Ma Ying-jeou, the current president of the Republic of China. This is because they are (1) Conservative (based on their membership in the International Democrat Union — an international Conservative organization/grouping/forum where Conservative/Christian Democratic political parties discuss policies) (2) They will provide the economic and political stability the people of Taiwan want and need, especially after 8 years of Democratic Progressive Party rule under Chen Shui-bian, in which his administration focused more on pissing off the Mainland than reviving the island’s once thriving economy.


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